What are your top five must-see community highlights?
Our 8th-floor amenity deck is set up from sunrise to sunset (and wow!) You start with your morning coffee in the spa lounge, head out to swim laps in the morning pool or head into the 24-hour fitness center with a sauna (Mhmm), move into the game room, the demonstration kitchen, then our 2nd pool deck for the afternoon sun. Enjoy 3 grills, an outdoor bar, and movie lawn! In the evening, level 21 Wine Lounge has a wine dispenser, need we say more? You can head outside to sit by the fire pit to enjoy your wine and views. Last you have level 22 outdoor area with amazing views and then our Dog Park that has the best views of the community!

Do all of your homes have the same finishes?
On levels 10 through 21, the even floors have white upper cabinets. Also 10% of our community has upgraded finishes and appliances which we call "Attitude Homes" with upgraded finishes.

Does your community offer smart-home technology?
We have Nest thermostats that you can control on your phone!

Do all your apartments come with a washer and dryer?

What is your pet policy?
We love our pets! Up to 2 pets under 100 pounds together.
There is a $300 fee per pet and then a monthly $20 fee per pet.

Are the bedrooms carpeted?
They sure are!

What lease terms are offered here?
12 - 24 months on all new leases

What concierge services do you offer?
24-hour concierge

What is your parking policy? Do you have garages? If so, are they attached or do you have a parking garage?
We have 2 garages! One for residents and one for retail/guests. The resident parking garage is located on levels 2 through 7. You will have direct access to your floors if you live on those levels (so amazing for groceries)! You are allowed one vehicle per leaseholder and it is a one-time registration fee of $15 and then a monthly rent of $50. For the guest parking, we provide three 24-hour validations given out quarterly (9 per leaseholder per quarter).

Do you have storage units available?
We do.

What is included in the rent price?
Your beautiful home!

What's the security deposit at your community?
This ranges from $0 to two months and it is all credit-driven

How long does a customer have to move in to an apartment? What are your current hold times?
We can hold apartments for up to 60 days currently! Also, we require a 5 day period from when you approved from the apartment to when you are able to move-in.

Do you have furnished apartments?
We currently don't have any furnished apartment homes, however, we do partner with companies that provide temporary furniture and they will be happy to give you a deal to rent furniture!

What is the noise level like?
We are a concrete building so the noise is reduced. However, we are are still a high-rise so you will hear noise in your apartment.

Can I get a discounted rate if I sign a longer lease or pay for rent in advance?
No, we allow you to lock in your rate up to 24 months with no upcharge. We also don't allow rent to be paid in advance. You can pay 2 months at a time.

What is the community culture like?
At Modera Buckhead, we like to build a culture and not just be another apartment. We currently have 2 - 4 resident events per month so you are able to meet your neighbors and form friendships and a real sense of community!

Are there any construction projects scheduled in the community - upgrades, or setbacks to the common spaces? (We believe in honesty... even when it's not easy and we want you to know!)
Currently, our retail is still under construction and we are putting the final touches throughout the building.

How are appliances set up? (i.e. central air, A/C unit provided, gas vs. electric, smart home compatible)
The apartment is all electric except for the gas stoves (which is so amazing)! You will set up Georgia Power in your own name and you will have a flat fee of $10 per gas added on to your water bill per month.

What school district is this community in?
Elementary School: Garden Hills
Jr. High/Middle School: Sutton Middle School
High School: North Atlanta High

Who is the internet provider in the area?
Comcast Fiber, AT&T fiber and Google Fiber

How do I send and receive packages?
Package System - We have our package concierge system located on B1. All packages will be delivered to there unless they are too large or if the system is full. If that is the case the packages will be delivered to the concierge desk and you will receive an email.

What is your guest policy? (guest suite, parking, fobs, keys, etc.)
You may bring 2 guest with you in the amenity spaces. For guest parking, they will park in the retail parking deck take the retail elevator to "l" where they will use the call box to find the resident they are visiting. The resident will buzz them into the building. They will stop by the concierge desk and the guest will provide their name and the concierge will contact the resident to see if they are allowed to be buzzed up. At that time, the concierge will put them on the elevator to the floor.

Can I smoke in my apartment? If not, where can I?
Modera Buckhead is a fully smoke-free community. You are allowed to smoke outside the community area.

What are your amenity hours?
8th-floor indoor amenities are 24 hours. The 8th-floor outdoor amenities close at 10 pm. The 21st indoor/outdoor closes at 10 pm and Level 22 is 24 hours!

How can I transfer to a new apartment?
If you are in the middle of your lease term, you have to be in good standing. Then you will provide a 30-day notice and pay back all concessions. You will need to provide updated income information prior to transferring.

How do I go about breaking my lease and what is the fee to do so?
If you are wanting to early-term your lease agreement, you will provide a 60-day notice, pay a fee of 1-month rent plus all concessions. We also provide our Peace of Mind guarantees including the Curve Ball guarantee. Read more about this on our website!